About Me


Hey there, all you green thumbs out there!

I’m Laura Glaue, not just a pro at making tools for different jobs, but someone who’s totally into gardening tools, especially the unsung hero—the hose pipe.

This journey of mine is all about understanding tools made for the garden, and I’ve got a soft spot for the hose pipe because it’s like the conductor of this green symphony.

Moving from crafting tools for big industries to diving into the world of gardening gear, I’ve found this perfect connection. The hose pipe, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. It’s not just about watering plants; it’s about choreographing how this garden flourishes.

The skills I honed making tools for industries now blend with a deep understanding of this essential hose. It’s not just about owning it; it’s about knowing how it plays a crucial role in keeping the garden alive.

Join me on this unique journey where I bring my love and knowledge of gardening tools, putting a spotlight on the unsung hero, the hose pipe. It’s not just a tool, it’s a partner in making our gardens thrive.

So, I’m Laura Galue, inviting you to dive into the world of gardening tools, especially focusing on how the hose pipe brings life to our beautiful gardens.